Charged with Drinking & Driving?

Facing a Drinking and Driving Charge?

Tushar K. Pain LL.B. - Drinking and Driving LawyerBeing charged with drinking and driving (known usually as ‘over 80’ or ‘impaired driving’ in Canada but also commonly referred to as a DUI, DWI, or drunk driving) typically comes as a shock to those who are unfortunate enough to experience it.  A drinking and driving arrest and charge is not something that most people think about until it happens to them; nor is it the type of offence that most people set out to commit.  But before you know it, you’ve drawn the attention of the police.  The fear of being investigated by the police, the humiliation of being arrested, and the embarrassment of having to tell others that you’ve been charged with drinking and driving can leave you feeling depressed and helpless.

But, eventually the reality of facing a drinking and driving criminal allegation with significant consequences kicks in and you begin to ask questions like: “How am I going to get by for the next little while without a driver’s licence? How is my future going to be affected by a drinking and driving or over 80 conviction? Do I have any chance of defending myself against this drinking and driving charge?  What do I do now?”

These are all common questions and you’ve come to the right place to get them answered. This site is dedicated to answering your questions about drinking and driving charges, the legal process, conviction penalties and implications and creating a successful defence. After all, you owe it to yourself to learn as much about your situation as you can and figure out how best to defend yourself against the charges of drinking and driving or over 80.

Whatever you do, do not plead guilty to drinking and driving before you’ve talked to a lawyer.

I am a dedicated criminal defence lawyer and have been successfully defending people charged with drinking and driving offences for nearly two decades.  Go through my site and when you are ready to discuss your drinking and driving case, contact me by email or call me at 416-410-4838.

I will gladly discuss your drinking and driving, dui, Over 80 case with you.

Tushar K. Pain, B.A., LL.B.

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