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You could lose your licence even if you’re not over the legal limit.

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3 Day Suspension for a Warn or Alert Range

In Ontario, if you’re stopped by the police and breath tested, you may find yourself facing consequences even if you blow below the legal limit. That’s right. If you blow below the legal limit but the roadside machine displays a reading in the ‘warn’ or ‘alert’ range, though you likely won’t be charged with a drinking or driving offence (such as impaired driving or over 80), you will still lose your licence.

In Ontario, the first time this happens, you will automatically face a 3 Day Suspension of your license.

If it happens again within a 5 year period, you will lose your licence for 7 days. If it happens a third time within 5 years, your licence will be suspended for 30 days and you will be subject to a six-month ignition interlock licence condition. The licence suspensions cannot be appealed either.

If you have a 3 Day Suspension and you would like advice, please feel free to contact me.

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