Firm Philosophy

Drinking & Driving / Over 80 – My Philosophy On A Successful Defence.

I believe that in order to consistently produce positive results in the defence of drinking and driving charges, the case for the defence must be thoroughly prepared.

A successful drinking and driving defence lawyer must possess a comprehensive knowledge of the law relating to drinking and driving.  This is no easy task since there are a myriad of legal issues that can arise in a drinking and driving case.  In order to maintain this base of knowledge and keep up with the latest developments an effective drinking and driving defence lawyer must consistently handle such cases, regularly attend continuing legal education courses on drinking and driving and commit to making ongoing legal research a mandatory part of every drinking and driving case that he or she takes on.

In addition, a successful drinking and driving defence lawyer must also gain a complete mastery of the facts of the case.  In order to do this he or she must be prepared to obtain and review all relevant disclosure; investigate and interview all potentially relevant witnesses and; explore any other potentially relevant evidence.

Though this is not an easy path to travel, I have found it is the one that will most often lead to victory.

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